GMcB and Franciscan Promotional Items and Specials

During the years that Gladding-McBean / Franciscan created their dinnerware lines, they also contracted with several companies to create promotional items. The most remembered of these is the Toastmaster line, which was created for McGraw Electric Company, but Sunkist, Sperry, Jiffy and others all contracted with Franciscan to produce quality items for their promotions.

Because promotional items aren't listed in many of the collector's references, these items can be marketed under several names. Jam jars become spice jars, mustard jars and flower pots. Hostess trays can be plates, soap or candy dishes. After browsing these pages and viewing the promotions, you should be able to sort through the different description and variety of pieces offered, to complete sets in your favorite category.

To make browsing easier, we have divided these pieces in to two categories.


We have decided to present advertisements, short descriptions and photos together. Most the images can be enlarged by clicking on the image itself.

Enjoy, and as always, we welcome your comments and contributions.



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