Gladding McBean - Franciscan Early Patterns

1930's - 1940's.

The simplicity and beauty of the early lines of Gladding McBean have been popular for over 60 years. The variety of colors and shapes hold something for everyone. And just when you think you have seen what there is to offer, another new piece will surprises you.

El Patio, started in 1934, was the first line produced. We have several pages with El Patio history, shapes and color information at this link.

El Patio

Cocinero was released by Gladding McBean in 1934, as a result of the company purchasing Tropico Pottery serval years earlier. Here is a link to learn more.


Coronado Tea sets where first introduced in 1934. They were followed by a full line of dinner and art ware. Often called "swirl" this Franciscan favorite was often imitated, but never equaled. These pages are still under construction!

Coronado Table and Artwares

Montecito was added in 1937. The new designes and shapes were elegant, and the color ranged from soft to dynamic. For more information on Franciscan Montecito, follow this link.


Padua was added in 1937. This was the first hand painted line produced by Franciscan. For more information on Franciscan Padua, follow this link.


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